A convicted shoplifter who was found with an axe in his bag after making threats to probation staff has been jailed.

Mohammed Fatah, 26, entered the probation office in Bridge Street, Peterborough city centre, on the morning of Monday March 25 and acted aggressively towards the staff at the desk, threatening to kill people if they didn’t provide him with housing.

Later that day, he was in an alleyway between the Cathedral grounds and Midgate when he started shouting at a member of the public who was passing through.

His intimidating behaviour was reported to police and officers were dispatched to Midgate where they arrested Fatah on suspicion of causing public disorder and being in possession of an offensive weapon after an axe was found in his bag.

Whilst in interview, Fatah was further arrested for theft after he told officers he had entered Las Iguanas in Church Street and stolen a bottle of whiskey.

Fatah, of no fixed address, was charged with intent to cause distress by using threatening words or behaviour, possession of an offensive weapon in a public place, and theft.

He appeared at Cambridge Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday March 26, where he was sentenced to 26-weeks in prison.

PC Toby Talbot, who investigated, said: “Fatah was visibly frustrated with his situation, and decided to take it out on those trying to help him as well as members of the public who just happened to be passing by.

“Fortunately, we were able to arrest Fatah and put him before the courts before he could potentially cause harm to anyone.”