Peterborough's Deafblind UK charity had a photoshoot for its volunteers at a Bovis Homes show home.

Deafblind UK is based in Paston Ridings, and offers practical and emotional support as well as advice, information, assistance with technology, and discounted holiday.

The charity wanted to hold a photoshoot for their volunteers to capture their support, and housing developer, Bovis Homes, offered up a show home.

Bovis Homes offered a property at its Hampton Water location, where they are currently building new houses.

Marketing manager for Deafblind UK, Naomi Dainty, said: “We’re extremely grateful to the Bovis Homes team in Peterborough for so generously supporting our work.

"This is a shining example of one of the many ways that corporates and charities can work together, and we’re looking forward to building a strong future partnership.”

Dina Pittore, marketing manager for Bovis Homes, said: “Deafblind UK gives important, compassionate support to people dealing with sight and hearing loss, so we were very happy to help them out by offering a place to hold the photoshoot."

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