A tattoo studio in Peterborough raised £1,500 for local children’s charity Little Miracles by tattooing for 12 hours.

Ink Imaginarium held the fundraiser at their Orton-based tattoo studio on May 21.

Hayley Evans, studio owner, said: “I’m thrilled that we smashed our £1,000 target.

“We’re very passionate about fundraising at Ink Imaginarium and that clearly extends to our clients who never fail to join us at our fundraisers.

“We choose two charities to support every year and we’re proud to have worked with Little Miracles for the first of our big fundraisers of 2024."

The whole team of five contributed towards the bespoke designs.

Dorota, Ani and Hayley did 58 tattoos between them, from 10am until 10pm, while Jason and Becki made sure everything ran smoothly. 

Louise Evans, spokesperson for Little Miracles, said: “Having a child with a disability or life-limiting condition can be really lonely. Lots of families don’t know where to turn for support and lots of people are really scared to even attempt to get out of the house in case they are judged or something happens.

“Hospital visits, overnight accommodation, equipment that you might imagine is all provided by the NHS is not… and lots of parents and carers are unable to work because they need to look after their children full-time.

“Over the summer holidays we put on 6 weeks of activities for the families we support so that they can make memories and the children can experience the fun and excitement they deserve.

“As a charity we rely almost entirely on voluntary donations and so a gift of £1,500 means that we can put on some incredible activities over the holidays and no family has to go through it alone.

“The Ink Imaginarium fundraiser really will make a massive difference to the lives of local children this summer.”

Keep an eye on Ink Imaginarium's Facebook if you’d like to be involved with their next tattoo marathon, which will be on October 10 for World Mental Health day.

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