A Cambridgeshire mansion is set to feature on the next episode of the BBC Two show, Hidden Treasures of the National Trust.

Anglesey Abbey, a Jacobean-style house, on the outskirts of Cambridgeshire, in Lode, will be explored in episode four of the popular series, on Friday, May 31 at 9.30pm.

The house was once owned by Urban Huttleston Rogers Broughton, best known as Huttleston Broughton, or, Lord Fairhaven.

At the age of 30, the American-born Lord Fairhaven transformed Anglesey Abbey into an opulent home and collector's paradise.

The episode will take a look inside Anglesey Abbey and show many of the treasures hidden inside.

The series focuses on the efforts that the National Trust go to in order to preserve these historic sites across the country, and this episode provides an insight into the work of staff and volunteers at Anglesey Abbey put.

Viewers will see the effort currently being put in to preserve a 200-year-old Pagoda clock.

Over the years the clock has lost its sparkle, and clock conservator Matthew Read will be tasked with fixing it and bringing it back to its former glory.

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Anglesey Abbey will feature on the programme alongside Mr Straw's House in Nottinghamshire, and Killerton House in Devon, on Friday, May 31 on BBC Two at 9.30pm.