Memories of a derelict house in Cambridgeshire that has recently had a mural painted on it are starting to be shared.

Earlier this week, passers-by noticed that the animated character Jessica Rabbit was adorning the front of the building between Benwick and Whittlesey. 

Since then, local residents have been sharing their memories of the house and its history on social media.

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One of those is Russell Wyatt, who said the house was used as a rehearsal space by Edward Holland, a farmer who was in several bands - including psychobilly group Empress of Fur - but died in 2018.

Russell also shared a photo of local rock band The Claimed, the band that he played in with Edward, which was taken in June 2015 at the exact spot where the mural now is, prior to a rehearsal. 

"It was unlived in and derelict, and owned by the Holland family, so it was farm cottages at one stage," Russell said.

He added that he and the band regularly played gigs at local pubs, including The Cherry Tree in Peterborough.

Talking about the recent addition to the building, Russell said: "It's pretty random. It's just a very strange thing to paint or to mark the building with. 

"Somebody has gone to a lot of effort to do it and they've done a good job, but it's in a very strange place because the building is in the middle of nowhere."

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