A General Election will be held on July 4, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced on Wednesday.

As part of Peterborough Matters' General Election coverage, we'll be speaking to candidates about their priorities for Peterborough.  

Standing for the Green Party is Nicola Day, who was elected as Peterborough's second Green councillor in 2019. 

Working to develop Peterborough City Council's strategies around climate change and the environment, Day also teaches English and Iqra Academy. 

Asked about her priorities for Peterborough, she said: "I would ensure we have strong plans in place to build a new indoor regional pool, ensure all communities have access to bulky waste collection point services and ensure neglected areas in the city are invested in and regenerated.

"However this campaign is also about listening to the people of Peterborough and understanding their needs and residents are very welcome to contact us.

"We must tackle the housing crisis by building 150,000 council homes and ending the right to buy to ensure homes stay in our communities forever.

"Currently water companies can, almost with impunity, dump sewage into our rivers, waterways and coastal waters with an appalling cost to public health and wildlife.

"The Green Party would halt shareholder payments with immediate effect and bring back our water supply into public ownership."