A Peterborough City Hospital nurse has clocked up an amazing half-century milestone in her career - and she has no plans to retire just yet!

Hip fracture practitioner Angie O'Sullivan, started her nursing career in Peterborough in June 1974 - and her first day proved to be unforgettable as she recalls it snowed that day despite it being summer-time!

Angie started her nursing training at Peterborough District Hospital School of Nursing, when she was only 18, and has cared for thousands of local patients, and their loved ones, ever since.

Her first year of nursing was a memorable one in history – Glam Rock was in full swing, the UK held two General Elections after voters could not decide at the first poll, Lord Lucan disappeared and the first McDonalds restaurant in the UK opened in London.

Angie commented: “I always knew that I wanted to have a hands-on job helping people and was told I’d never make it as a nurse, so I tried my hand at hairdressing, which I didn’t enjoy. I thought I’d prove everyone wrong and train as a nurse and haven’t looked back in 50 years!

“I’m really proud to say I’m still working full-time hours, in a job that I love. In my profession it is so important to treat patients the way you would want your loved ones, or yourself, to be treated. I always remember that it could be a member of your family laying in a hospital bed, requiring care.

“I feel lucky to have met so many amazing and inspirational people and have learnt so much from everyone. Here’s to the next 50 years.”

Jo Bennis, chief nurse at the North West Anglia Foundation Trust, which runs Peterborough City, Hinchingbrooke and Stamford and Rutland hospitals, added: “I know I speak for all Angie’s colleagues when I say how proud we are of her fantastic nursing record.

"We feel privileged to have Angie as part of our nursing team. She has built an amazing wealth of knowledge over the years, which is such a bonus for our patients as well as Angie’s colleagues.

"Congratulations to Angie on her 50 years’ of nursing. We hope to be working with her for many more.”