High review scores and safety standards for Pizza Parlour


The Pizza Parlour has enjoyed a strong bounce back from the pandemic. Photo: John Baker

The Pizza Parlour and Music Cafe on Cowgate has been named in the Travellers' Choice 2020 section of its website. 

The review site gives a Travellers’ Choice award to accommodations, attractions and restaurants that consistently earn great reviews from travellers and are ranked within the top 10% of properties on Tripadvisor.

The restaurant, which serves Italian food with vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, has an average score of 4.5 out of 5 from 449 reviews.

Other restaurants recognised include the Gurkha Lounge in Hampton and The Golden Pheasant in Etton.

Since Covid-19 arrived the Pizza Parlour has employed a number of changes to how it works, including a requirement for face masks for staff in public areas and hand sanitiser for guests and staff.

Owner Peter Fierro said that the restaurant has invested heavily in protecting customers.

"We have spent £6,500 on perspex screens between tables, and we've arranged it so that very few tables have had to be removed.

"We've also spent £3,500 on a temperature check at the entrance - you don't have to go near it. We've tried to be very hot on track and trace and customers appreciate that. I'd say it's the safest place in town."

Of the TripAdvisor recognition, he said: "We've not done badly for a little 50-seater in Peterborough. We have something for everyone.

"We have remained busy but things have definitely changed. It used to be that people came in at 8pm or 9pm, but now because of the curfew they're coming in at 6.30-7pm. We've rarely been empty, it's just a case of shuffling things about a little bit.

"And in fact, in a day-on-day comparison, we've probably been busier than this time last year."