Let there be Light! at Cathedral thanks to Peterborough company


Masteroast are sponsoring the new lighting at the cathedral

In all nearly 300 LED bulbs have been installed thanks to sponsorship by Masteroast, which specialises in coffee roasting. 

The bulbs will not only significantly improve the light levels for those using the Cathedral for services, visits and events, but also reduce the cathedral’s carbon footprint and achieve a saving of around 21% on its electricity bills.

Much of the work on installing the bulbs was done by contractors, Service AV, during the quiet days of lockdown.

It is only since the dark autumn evenings began that final testing could be completed and the remaining lights positioned to highlight dramatic architectural features such as the famous Norman arches at upper level.

The 30-watt LEDs have been set to only 50% of their full capacity to achieve the lighting levels needed, whereas the previous 275 watt halogen bulbs had to be at full power to get the same effect. The halogen bulbs also ran at a higher temperature, increasing the risk to the fabric of the building, whereas LED bulbs remain cool whilst in operation.

The Very Revd Chris Dalliston, Dean of Peterborough, said “The Cathedral, like many public spaces, is uncharacteristically quiet at the moment due to Covid-19, but we long for the days when we will be welcoming people back here in large numbers for special services and events.

"We hope that this new, brighter lighting with the atmospheric highlights on architectural features will be part of that welcome, as visitors’ eyes are lifted to take in the inspiring space around them.

“The use of LEDs will enable us to reduce our carbon footprint considerably and we are enormously grateful to Masteroast for giving us the support needed to do this." 

"Taking these incremental steps to care better for the planet that God has given us is so important, both as organisations and individuals.”

If you would like to make a donation to the Cathedral or to find more information about visiting or attending a service click here or call 01733 355315.