Letter: The positives and negatives of Peterborough city centre


Peterborough city centre

Negative points

  • Way too many betting shops, charity shops, cheap discount shops.
  • Parking too expensive for what's on offer.
  • Embankment facilities are woeful.
  • Market and surrounding area a shameful indictment of the council's abject failure in mismanagement.
  • A dull concrete Cathedral square with no atmosphere. 
  • Shoppers can easily go to Hampton, Brotherhood, Bretton and Orton centres - now John Lewis has gone nothing to come into city for.

Positive (what should happen next)

  • Market moved to Long Causeway or Bridge Street permanently.
  • Street entertainment in Cathedral Square to bring atmosphere.
  • Massive support for independent shops on the streets outside of Queensgate.
  • City centre gym encouraging people to spend leisure time before and after work.
  • Riverside amenities, parks, play areas, cafes (Cambridge are way ahead).
  • Fletton Quays is a great move forward, but quality family bases: housing in the city centre streets, and green spaces.
  • Make car parking more affordable.
  • Cycle paths are maintained, but the reality is cyclists don't shop.

There has to be a reason for people to visit the city centre.