More than 6000 deliveries for Peterborough's answer to Just Eat


Some of the many meals offered though the Peterborough Grab app

Peterborough Grab has made more than 6000 deliveries since August of meals, groceries, and far more, often to vulnerable people such as those shielding during Covid.

The Peterborough Grab app was created by the team behind Peterborough Cars of Fengate, who spotted a way of using a downturn in trade and a pressing need for help for many people in and around the city, to create a new opportunity.

Sunny Singh, of Peterborough Cars, said: "Unfortunately, when the pandemic hit, the taxi firm just like most businesses in Peterborough took a massive hit in regards to trade. 

"Speaking to other local businesses we quickly noticed we were not the only ones in this boat. This is why we came up with a new idea to try and boost the economy for local trade."

The app delivers within a ten mile radius allowing it to support businesses from, and deliver to people in, areas such as Newborough, Yaxley, Whittlesey and elsewhere. 

Peterborough Grab started with ten outlets, but has now grown to 78 outlets, including takeaways, grocers, off-licences, vape stores, butchers, shisha hiring companies and pet stores, spaced across the city which aims to drive down costs. 

They include Embe, Big Mouth, Curry Land, Chicken Palace, Inari Sushi & Grill, Parrotts Fish and Chips, Stanground News, Star Tandoori and many more.

The ethos of the business is Love Local, and the app was designed to help local businesses with a lower commission rate than giants in the sector.

All deliveries are made through the taxis, which still get the normal fare, with the delivery fee paid by the customer topped up through the commission earnt from the store. 

Sunny said: "This allows the store to make higher profits as we do not take as much as big corporate companies and allows the taxi drivers to make a living as they are still getting jobs, just delivering items oppose to passengers. The app was never designed for us to make vast amounts of money.

"We have found that the local people of Peterborough and the local businesses in Peterborough have helped us massively. When we have all stuck together through this pandemic, we have all been able to get through it together. 

"This allowed us to give back further with competitions and draws, we were able to give two lucky people in Peterborough PlayStation 5's."

For more information on the app click here