Open your eyes to Blind Tiger's new downstairs bar


The new downstairs bar at Blind Tiger on Cowgate

Blind Tiger on Cowgate opened on May 17 in the old Tamu premises and has become well-known for wide range of craft beers, cocktails and coffees.

But while the upstairs floor is light and bright, now the lower floor has opened to customers - a quieter, more chilled affair with a style blending the voodoo occult with New Orleans and gothic imagery.

Skulls, candlesticks, a 'tequila rifle' and low light create a mysterious, unique atmosphere for convivial conversation while you sip a rum or tequila with table snacks.

There's even a seat which would once have been used as a cot in India, ideal for a chat with the friendly skeleton nearby.

Owner Neil Treliving hopes that the new attraction for Peterborough, with fewer than 30 seats, will give drinkers a new option for autumn, and of course Halloween.

He said: "We wanted something a bit quieter with lower light - we can play vinyl down here, and it's just a completely different feel for people to enjoy.

"It's a mix of styles, of Day of the Dead, voodoo, Mexican, macabre and Gothic. There's nothing else like it in Peterborough really and it's just a case of telling people about us. 

"A lot of people in Peterborough aren't coming out, and are still fearful about what's going on, so perhaps a smaller, spaced out venue would be better for them."

The lower floor will be table service with bookings only, and it's ideal for hen/stag parties, cheese and wine tasting, games and perhaps acoustic nights in the future.