Peterborough art gallery to host online workshops for young adults


The gallery on Gladstone Street, Peterborough is launching online arts workshops for young adults post Easter (Picture: 62 Gladstone Street)

The gallery on Gladstone Street, Peterborough, has had to re-schedule its programs due to coronavirus, including two main exhibitions: Faith in Sport and Faith in Community. They have now been postponed and will launch later in the year.   

In the meantime, they are launching 'Faith in 2020; Spring Programme', for youngsters online this Easter. 

It will involve a range of local artists including Madhu Mani, Roland Burt, Malika Speaks, Paisley Art, Toqeer Sethi and Emily Steele, along with national artists Sabba Khan and Becca Payne.  

The artists will share their practice using Zoom and Facebook Live to connect and give young people a unique opportunity to engage with the arts.   

In the past, 62 Gladstone Street has supported British Journal of Photography winner Maryam Wahid’s first solo show, Different but Together, as well as working with Kazim Rashid (Pressure Makes Diamonds), Zain Awan and Zia Ahmed.  

The gallery’s collection is ever-increasing, ranging from local to national artists and encompasses a variety of age groups. 

More information on how to access the web links can be found on their website.