Peterborough Biscuit event postponed until 2022


The 2020 Peterborough Biscuit Business Event was held at the East of England Arena (Photo: John Baker)

The popular business event, expecting over 5,000 people in February 2021, has taken the decision to hold the event until 2022. Organisers felt that it wouldn't be responsible to invite that number of people to an exhibition when there's still so much uncertainty.

Steve Smith, MD of Sphere RHSM who organise the event each year, stated: "It will be sorely missed this year; it is the staple in the business calendar for Greater Peterborough and Cambridgeshire and has seen millions of pounds in referrals passed over the last 4 years for local businesses.

"We really could not go ahead with the exhibition in the current climate. The friendly nature of the exhibition means it may have been a super spreader event and we would never want to put anyone’s health at risk.

"In February of 2020 we had heard about Covid, but we had no clue how impactful it would become. We hoped that when we went into lockdown in March that by October we would see the virus dwindle and be extinguished with a vaccine - however now, in November, we sit in another lockdown and unfortunately it seems like large scale events cannot go ahead in the coming months."

The decision has not been taken lightly, said Smith, but it is hoped that the event can be back in 2022.

It was hinted that the team has been working on something to offer the Greater Peterborough and Cambridgeshire business marketplace in the meantime, but details of that remain "under lock and key".