Peterborough Chinese community raises £3000 for City Hospital


Peterborough Chinese Community and Janson Hong supermarket make donations to NHS staff at city hospital as a 'Thank you' (Picture: Jess Gui)

Faustina Yang manages the Chinese Community Association in Peterborough and came up with this initiative, of applauding the medical staff for all their efforts during the pandemic. The community joined in and made contributions including donating money and ready-made goods, snacks and fresh fruit. 

Jess Gui owns the Janson Hong supermarket. Speaking to Peterborough Matters Jess said: “We are so happy we could help. It’s amazing. All the community joined in and made donations. 

“Many members tried and wanted to donate hot meals, fish and chips and even burgers to the staff. But due to the strict new policy, the hospital management can’t accept hot food.  

“That makes complete sense, their safety comes first. That's when Faustina suggested this idea of giving money and set up the online page for it.

“We thought giving fresh fruits and drinks would be a good idea along with it. It’s just a gesture to say thank you for saving lives.” 

The community has also contributed a few face masks to nurses and doctors. 

Peterborough City Hospital has thanked the community for this act of kindness. The hospital posted this message on social media:  

“A big thank you to the Chinese Community in Peterborough (CCIP) and Chinese Women in Peterborough (CWIP) who donated £3,000 to our hospital to “show their love and appreciation from the bottom of or hearts to the NHS staff who are fighting for us on the front line.” 

“The money raised will help us provide: 

  • Welfare packs with toiletries, snacks and drinks, to staff who need to stay in Trust accommodation or hotels 

  • Emergency packs for any staff in accommodation who need to self-isolate 

  • Hand creams for staff who find their hands are sore and dry from extensive hand washing 
     And much more… 

“Janson Hong, the Chinese Supermarket also dropped off energy drinks and snacks of staff.” 

Janson Hong, Chinese supermarket in the city centre made donations along with the Chinese Community to the city hospital (Picture: Jess Gui)