Entrepreneur's new project will help SMEs scale up


Having built, merged, sold, and invested in dozens of businesses over the last 15 years Peterborough businessman Simon Penson is now looking to help 25+ regional small businesses grow to new heights and create hundreds of jobs in the process.

Unveiling his latest project Scaled.co.uk the experienced business growth specialist explained that the idea for a niche small business consultancy and investment business came to him after spending two years understanding what made him happiest.

“Having spent the last 15 years building businesses I thought I was done. Having exited my last venture a couple of years ago it made sense to decompress but I was very soon looking for what is next. That time allowed me to really reset and reassess what got me out of bed in the morning and the reality is that I love the challenge of scaling businesses and create truly valuable enterprises, he added.

The process of getting there though is fraught with risk, danger, and pain, according to Mr Penson but what he says he has realised over the years is that there is a process that any business can go through to massively enhance the chances of getting there.

He explained: “With head space to think deeply about the problem I have been able to capture all the things that worked for us, as well as those businesses that I’ve invested in and consulted for. The result was surprising,” he enthused.

“In the end, irrespective of what market you work in, the challenges and solutions to those challenges are all broadly the same. And this is why Scaled exists – to walk founders and senior teams through those phases so they can build something that 10x profits.”

The solution is a part consultancy, part investment vehicle, which looks to understand an individual business before then walking through Scaled’s 10X Process to growth.

“The process isn’t for everyone of course, he adds. “We have a pretty tight view on what sort of businesses fit the process but in simple terms we look to help profitable and cash flow positive businesses with £100,000 - £3m of annual profits, often (but not always) in the service sector.”

For those that make the grade clients begin on a consultancy track to allow both sides to decide if a minority investment works for all.

If you think your business could benefit from Scaled’s support to help break through the glass ceiling to the next stage of growth and scale you can find out more at scaled.co.uk.