Peterborough Matters: Continuing to celebrate the indies


Peterborough Matters will continue to support local businesses

Our Independents' Weekend proved a great success, celebrating the companies and SMEs that are returning to something near normal - we hope. 

No-one is saying it has been easy, or that it will be. It hasn't been easy for us either, we can tell you that, but we don't exist without you.

While many SMEs have been aided by the government, there have been many accusations that the government has left people behind - those who were not eligible for financial assistance for various reasons. 

So now we're trying to do our bit to help, with features on our independent companies. 

Maybe you're a fitness instructor, or a tattooist. Perhaps you own a gym. Or you're an artist. Or a pub or a marketer or a restaurant or a yoga teacher. Maybe you're a designer, or a tutor.

Whatever you are, we're not just looking at the city centre. Our team lives in Bretton, Woodston, Hampton and the Fens, for a start. We cover from Glinton to Huntingdon and Stamford to Whittlesey.

Think what you would want to know as a buyer or 'someone who uses a service. You'd want to know background, stock and location. You'd want to know exactly what the company does. You'd want to know websites, social media accounts and telephone numbers. And you'd want to see things - photos are vital.

And if you want to stay on the site for longer, get in touch with our commercial team as well. But that's not obligatory!

That's our end of the bargain. Yours is that you share what we do, promote what we do, like what we do - and maybe praise what we do. is the starting point - get in touch!