What would you like to see stocked at Nene Park's new farm shop?


Residents are being asked what they would like to see at Nene Park's new shop, located near Lakeside (photo: John Baker)

The new farm shop, which will be located next to Nene Outdoors at Lakeside, should be ready to open next month.

It will stock a range of locally-sourced produce from Nene Park's farm partners and suppliers across the Peterborough community, including fresh and frozen foods, fruit and vegetables, artisan breads, dairy and meat products.

However, the Nene Park team is asking for recommendations from visitors and other local suppliers.

Speaking to Peterborough Matters, they said: "We really encourage local people to get in touch with their ideas for items they would like to purchase from the shop. We're also asking local suppliers to step forwards if they would like to talk to us about stocking their products!"

To share any ideas for unique stock, reach out to Nene Park on social media or by emailing visitor.centre@neneparktrust.org.uk.

Some suggestions so far include chopped fruit salads for summer picnics in the park; honey sourced from the local area, and plastic-free refills for products such as pasta and milk.