Peterborough Civic Society share plans for Westgate indoor market


Peterborough Civic Society has shared a plan to turn the Beales department store building into an indoor market (Photo: Peterborough Civic Society)

The idea was first suggested by Civic Society member Judy Jones, and concepts have now been drawn up to show the potential of a market relocation to a covered building closer to the city centre.

The proposal includes keeping the existing frontage of the buildings along Park Road and Westgate, removing everything behind to create a central open space with a roof covering that allows plenty of light into the site. Permanent market stalls will be set up within this area, while the units on Park Road and North Street could be mixed-use - residential, offices and businesses could use the space.

Our Peterborough city centre survey last month showed that many Peterborough residents would be happy to see a new market.

One commenter said that Peterborough should be hosting "a market which people actually want to both trade at and shop at - take inspiration from other nice cities. Think Broadway, Spitalfields and the like in London. Let’s get local growers farmers market selling local produce."

Others encouraged investment and promotion of the city's market, with the suggestion to relocate and make it enclosed a popular one.

Further details of the proposal can be found here.