'Save Peterborough Embankment' group launches e-petition against stadium plans


The Embankment from above. Photo: Terry Harris

The Facebook group was set up in February to oppose Peterborough United's potential new ground being built on the Embankment.

Members of the "Save Peterborough Embankment" group object to the location of the plans for a new ground for Peterborough United, due to be built by 2023 if passed. 

The apolitical group is not against a new stadium for Posh - just not on the Embankment - and believes the public has not been consulted on such a large development in one of the city's prime prominent green havens. 

They have now launched an e-petition, with a hope to get 500 signatures, which will make it eligible for a debate at a full Peterborough City Council meeting. 

In a supporting statement: “With the increasing population of Peterborough the retention of the valuable green spaces we have becomes ever more important, especially within the city centre, which is rapidly turning into a concrete jungle.This Embankment has been neglected for years by our council and lack of facilities presently restricts its use.  

“Visiting events that bring facilities with them see fantastic attendances into the thousands and shows that there is great potential if properly managed. 

“The value this area brings to the public is immeasurable as space of reflection and unity and it also serves as protection in the way of flood defences,and acts as part of a wildlife corridor. 

“To allow the construction of a stadium on a huge part of this site would be short sighted and for commercial gain at the expense of the whole of Peterborough, with the adjacent university buildings that will further encroach upon this site there will be very little public green space left.” 

Previously, the co-owner of Peterborough United Stewart 'Randy' Thompson had written an open letter to fans about the proposal to build a new stadium on the Embankment. 

He said: “We believe the Embankment would make an ideal home for Posh for decades to come. Not only is the location ideal for access by home and away supporters alike, our proposal would see what is currently a dramatically under-utilised piece of land become an enhanced city-centre focal point for the people of Peterborough and the surrounding area."

Peterborough City Council launched an Autumn consultation asking members of the public to join and share their views to help shape the future of the embankment. 

A press release from the council states: "Once complete, the masterplan will guide and inform development in this area strategically, allowing for a comprehensive look at aspirations and proposals for the area rather than reacting to development requests on an individual basis as the city expands. 

"Although it would have no formal planning status, it could be considered in the next review of the city’s Local Plan. If included, it would be used to guide Peterborough City Council’s planning committee in future years."  

Earlier this year Peterborough City Council commissioned independent experts to develop a masterplan for the area. Funding for the masterplan has come from the government’s Towns Fund (£200,000) and Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority (£100,000).