Trio of street murals completed as Peterborough marks racial unity


The final piece of the Street Arts Hire trilogy. Photo: Nathan Nice

Drivers passing along Taverners Road will see the fantastic work on the wall next to Khan's Food Store.

The work - only a few yards away from the first two pieces in the nearby Bourges Boulevard underpasses - signifies unity, with two fists complete with a rainbow of skin tones.

The first two pieces themed on love and respect, also funded by Diaspora Arts and Education Charity, have made their way across the world as symbols of hope during the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests.

The final piece of the Street Arts Hire trilogy. Photo: Nathan Nice

Creator Nathan Nice completed the work across the weekend, to be regularly stopped by well-wishers who congratulated him on the work, as well as beeping horns from motorists.

Nathan said: "Everyone was so nice and helpful and offered me food and drinks! One older gentleman from the community was so enthusiastic, and another man showed me that my work had been featured on a Pakistan TV station.

"I'm now planning to do an art print of the three, perhaps in a limited run, to raise money for the charity.

"This is the last of this trilogy but I'm definitely going to be doing more stuff based on hands, as I find them easy and they seem to connect with people." 

Nathan at work on the final piece of the Street Arts Hire racial equality trilogy. Photo: John Baker