Litter still blighting Peterborough's Nene Park


Nene Park raises concerns of rise in litter, urges people to be responsible (Picture: Joanna)

The park says it spends over £50,000 on keeping it litter free each year. 

With summer months approaching, the park is expected to get busier. However, since re-opening the car parks and other facilities last month, post-lockdown, the park management said they are sadly seeing more rubbish being left behind by visitors. 

A spokesperson said on their social media: “With the busy summer season fast approaching the park, it is a good time for a reminder about why keeping the Park clean and green is so important.  

“Our rangers are out daily, picking up litter which has been left out or thrown into the undergrowth and the amount of litter collected increases as the summer goes on and the Park gets busier.” 

It’s not the first time the park has dealt with this issue. 

During the bank holiday weekend in May, staff at Ferry Meadows Country Park expressed anger over takeaway rubbish and other litter including disposable BBQ’s left at the park by visiting families  

A spokesperson for the park told Peterborough Matters: “The park rangers and other staff have been monitoring the litter regularly. However, the park was busiest on the bank holiday Monday since re-opening.   

“We are always left with the task of clearing our rubbish after any bank holiday. It was no different this time either. However, it was more noticeable due to the contrast from the lockdown to now.  

“We would like to continue sending the message to park users to be responsible when disposing their rubbish. Either take it home or do it properly and use bins.” 

The park management is now asking people to join the Love Where You Live challenge and take pride in their surroundings. 

This is part of the national ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ campaign, encouraging people to pick up litter and care for our shared spaces – our streets, parks, waterways and beaches. 

To help with efficient waste disposal, Extensive bin facilitates have also been provided by Nene Park at huge cost. 

The park is urging people to use them and put the litter in the correct bin as per the notices displayed, as currently dog waste is being left in recycle bins contaminating other waste. They have asked dog walkers to put this in the general waste bins instead. 

In 2018, as part of the Nene Park Master Plan, the park pledged to minimise environmental impact through improved waste management. An investment of £25,000 was made and new larger bin stations were installed in key locations around the Park. Since then, the park’s recycling waste has gone up from 55Pc to 85Pc. 

All the general waste from the park is taken to an Energy Recovery Facility in Peterborough instead of landfills. 

The park has also said, the reduction in emptying bins around the Park, due to their capacity, minimises vehicle movement in the Park on busy weekends, keeping Park visitors and wildlife safe and reduces its carbon footprint by doing less mileage. 

More information on the challenge to keep the environment and neighbourhood clean and tidy can be found here

Nene ark seeing more rubbish being left by visitors as park gets busy