Objections raised over Hampton community shelter


The plans to build an art shelter in Hampton have been opposed by the Parish council

The shelter, which would be built off Redshank Way on land near James Pond, has been a worry for both councillors and Hampton residents since plans were submitted on January 17.

The shelter, to be designed by a local artist, was discussed by Hampton parish councillors at a meeting on February 6.

Cllr Olive Leonard said: “I’ve taken notice of several residents who object to it and they have given valid reasons. They’re worried about the children.”

Cllr Karen Toynton-Ward expressed her concern that youths will be spending a substantial amount of time around the shelter.

Cllr Chris Wiggin added: “That’s what most of the objections are. Particularly in the dark, nobody can see around that area, so it prompts people to go there.”

Cllr Marco Ramos added: “They want to make it out of fibreglass, which is toxic. It’s not allowed in schools, because it can be damaging.”

Following the discussion, the councillors objected on the grounds of anti-social behaviour, materials, and sound pollution.

Residents later expressed their concern on social media , with some suggesting it will be “abused” and “vandalised”.

Cllr Wiggin, who is also a city councillor, responded to their worries by announcing: “We agreed at the parish council on Thursday to call the application in, to be decided by the planning committee rather than by officers. I will share more details about the committee date when I get it.

“In the meantime, if anyone has concerns, please continue to submit them.”