People who Matter: Local heroes keeping the neighbourhood tidy


Rosemary and Roger during their litter picking session

As the saying goes, ‘Not all super heroes wear capes’... well Rosemary Knight and Roger Kaye collect rubbish! 

They have been nominated as local heroes by Mohammed Sayeed from Community First.       

Rosemary and Roger, both retired, live just off Lincoln Road in retirement complexes. They meet up every Tuesday to go around the neighbourhood picking up waste. On their outing this week, the two friends collected eight bags of litter! 

As a thank you note, Sayeed said, “These two are the local heroes of our community. We are grateful to them and proud of what they do. Hopefully more people can appreciate how much effort they take in clearing up other people’s mess. They deserve a big shout out!’’                                                 

Reacting to the nomination, Roger said, “We weren't expecting that, but it’s absolutely rewarding to see that you can make a difference to the local environment. Also, to see that you are setting a positive example is great. People do come and say thank you to us when we are out and about, it feels good. It’s also a way to socialise and make friends for people like us.’’    

“It’s a very multi-cultural area where we live and more people from different communities are offering to get involved which is amazing. Peterborough is a beautiful city and we want to take pride in it. Hopefully other people can realise the same and do their bit.” 

This is the first story from our series about 'People who Matter' in Peterborough and the surrounding area.

If you have local heroes in your community and would like to nominate them, just drop us a line at