Where are Peterborough's outstanding schools?


King's School is one of five schools in Peterborough rated outstanding by Ofsted

Inspectors from the education regulator rate all state schools to judge the quality of the education which pupils are receiving. 

Its four-point scale ranks schools from "outstanding" to "inadequate". 

To get top marks, a school must show it is highly effective in “delivering outcomes that provide exceptionally well for all its pupils’ needs”. 

Some schools' most recent inspections date back almost a decade because schools graded as outstanding had been inspected less frequently than those at lower levels. 

But the government has now removed this exemption. 

Arthur Mellows Village College 

Inspected in December 2014, Arthur Mellows was ranked outstanding for its leadership and management, behaviour and safety of pupils, quality of teaching and achievement of pupils. 

Arthur Mellows was converted to an academy in 2010. Its predecessor school was also judged to be outstanding. 

Notes for improvement in 2014 included raising standards in the sixth form, which was judged to be good. 

Fulbridge Academy 

Fulbridge Academy has not been inspected since it converted to an academy in March 2013. 

But in March 2012, as Fulbridge Primary School, it was ranked outstanding in achievement of pupils, quality of teaching, behaviour and safety of pupils and leadership and management. 

Suggestions for improvement included raising attainment in English to above national average levels by extending phonics teaching into older classes. 

Hampton Hargate Primary School 

An outstanding rating for Hampton Hargate was awarded in May 2015 with monitoring visits occurring as recently as November 2020 to ensure standards were upheld. 

Suggestions for further improvement in 2015 included assessing pupil's knowledge more precisely. 

The autumn 2020 visit was conducted remotely and did not involve a graded judgement, but noted that students returned full-time in September and that staff had increased focus on reading, writing and mathematics to help pupils catch up in these curriculum areas. 

Heritage Park Primary School 

Heritage Park Primary School was inspected in March 2012 and was judged to be outstanding in all fields, including achievement of pupils, quality of teaching, leadership and management and behaviour and safety of pupils. 

The school has not been inspected since 2012. 

Further improvements suggested at the time included raising the profile of science throughout the school. 

The King's (Cathedral) School 

In 2013 The King's School was found to be outstanding by Ofsted inspectors. It was graded highly in pupil achievement, teaching quality, pupil behaviour and safety and leadership and management. 

The school converted to academy status in January 2011, prior to which it was also judged as outstanding. 

Improvements suggested in 2013 involved developing students' skills as independent learners and ensuring all written feedback was as detailed as possible.