Peterborough to have ‘record number of police officers’ next year


There are going to be more officers in Peterborough

In Cambridgeshire, the number of police officers working in the county is up at 1,490 as of September 2019. Compared to September 2018, the Cambridgeshire Constabulary saw an increase of 70 officers in 12 months.  

After 2,237 crimes were reported in Peterborough in December 2019, councillor Chris Wiggin, who is on the committee for the Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Panel, announced an increase in the number of officers working in the city at a meeting of Hampton Parish Council. 

He said: “The police services for next year have been reset and we’ll see an increase in officers. It’ll include a £10 a year council tax increase, which will work out at 83p a month for band Ds. 

“As a result, we’ll be adding 50 more officers on top of the government’s 20,000 Police Officer Uplift Programme. We’ll have a record number of officers in Peterborough once they’re all recruited.” 

The announcement comes after acting Police And Crime Commissioner (PCC) Ray Bisby released the results of a public survey which ran from January 8 to January 27.  

He said: “In my survey I stressed that in setting the proposed precept, I would follow government guidance once it was published. The government funding settlement, which was delayed because of the December General Election, included an expectation that PCCs would increase local precepts by £10.”  

Meanwhile, the spending budget for the year will see forced cuts to numerous staffing cuts, including youth services and citizens advice. 

Cllr Wiggin, who is a member of both the parish council and Peterborough City Council, added: “The first part of the budget included a reduction in spending. We are in a difficult position due to the central government cuts of the Labour government funding."