Rubbish blighting popular Peterborough venues - even when some are closed


Rubbish from McDonald's takeaway at the entrance of Eye Green Reserve in Peterborough - staff have pledged to expand their patrols (Picture: Eye Spy)

Peterborough's littering issue showed no signs of going away even when restaurants and bars were closed.

Now many are open for takeaways, and even if they aren't people are continuing to use their facilities - such as Charters. 

The general manager of the popular city centre bar, although furloughed, said staff are regularly coming in to clear out rubbish including drug paraphernalia from their premises, after being left by members of public. 

A Facebook post from the London Road venue urged people to be responsible with their actions, asking them not to leave any litter when using their garden and help keep it tidy: “I hope that you are all safe and well and keeping busy at this time.  

"However, to those that keep leaving the garden in this state I am becoming ever more tired of constantly clearing loads of your rubbish per day/week and taking off multiple broken branches from our garden trees. 

“I am currently furloughed but am having to come in every day to make the venue safe, free from broken glass and drugs paraphernalia. If you are using our garden whilst we are shut, I ask you to take all your rubbish away and keep our lovely garden like you would want yours kept. “ 

Over the bank holiday weekend, disappointed visitors were met with rubbish left from McDonald’s at the Eye Green reserve - but the fast food giant has moved to take swift action by extending its litter patrols in the area.

McDonald's welcomed back customers for take away meals a week ago, and members of the public later shared pictures of food packaging rubbish from McDonald's left at the entrance of the reserve, a few yards from one of the drive-thru restaurants.

Conservative Councillor for Eye, Thorney and Newborough Steve Allen had called out to the fast food giant to take social responsibility of this and has urged the city council to engage with them regarding this issue - which he says is a recurring one. 

Speaking to Peterborough Matters, Cllr Steve Allen added: “It’s wrong in every sense.  The area was inundated with litter and the bins were overflowing. I have contacted the council to get it cleared. 

“This is an issue in other areas of the city as well I believe. And we have had problems with the McDonald's rubbish in Eye previously as well.  
“It’s irresponsible on the part of people who left the litter here rather than taking it home and disposing it off in their homes. 

Liberal Democrats Councillor Simon Barkham has also added that there is a similar issue in Walton, with packaging rubbish dumped around the area.

A Peterborough City Council spokesperson said: "We are continuing to carry out our regular litter picking programme but will monitor the situation. 

"We'd like to remind people that they can report litter/fly-tipping to us on 01733 747474 or online at"

However, the council also said that McDonald's is being proactive in addressing this issue.

Staff at Ferry Meadows Country Park have also expressed anger over takeaway rubbish and other litter including disposable BBQ’s left at the park by visiting families during a busy bank holiday. 

A spokesperson for the park said: “The park rangers and other staff have been monitoring the litter regularly. However, the park was busiest on the bank holiday Monday since re-opening.  

We are always left with the task of clearing our rubbish after any bank holiday. It was no different this time either. However, it was more noticeable due to the contrast from the lockdown to now. 

“We would like to continue sending the message to park users to be responsible when disposing their rubbish. Either take it home or do it properly and use bins.” 

A massive flytip of garden waste including decking was left in a street in Orton Brimbles earlier this week. 

However, Green Councillor for Orton Waterville, Julie Howell has informed us, that the mess has now been cleared out.