Cambridge has been named the second most expensive city for parking in the UK, costing £7.75 for a one-hour stay.

A study by Moneybarn analysed the average cost for a one-hour stay in each UK city, with Edinburgh named the most expensive city for parking, closely followed by Cambridge.

The average cost of a one-hour stay in Edinburgh will set you back £7.78, which is only 3p more expensive than the average cost in Cambridge.

Norwich was named the third most expensive city to park in, where the average cost of a one-hour stay is £6.73.

Moneybarn's study focused on data from National Car Parks (NCP) to reveal the average cost of a minimum 1-hour stay in NCP car parks, but other car parks not analysed are available in each city.

Despite the high prices, Cambridge also has the second-best parking provision in the country, with 35.92 NCP parking spaces per 1,000 cars.

Amelia Scholey, the brand and content specialist at Moneybarn, said: "Being one of the cities with the most available parking does not mean it will be affordable, a fact that Cambridge’s parking provision highlights."

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